The Danish Team

We are very proud to announce the Danish Team for the FCI World Championships 2010 in Herning!

All handlers on the team have accepted their invitation to represent their country at this inaugural event. We are still awaiting the reserves' replies.

Dancing for Denmark in HTM...

Emmy Marie Simonsen with Border Collie DKOBCH DKHMCH DKFSCH Bridacre Wisp.
Whisper was HTM Dog Of The Year 2008 and 2009 in the Danish KC and won the individual Nordic HTM Championship 2009. He won individual Nordic Freestyle Silver 2008.

Anja Christiansen with Border Collie DKHMCH Fæhunden's Queeny Las.
Queeny was Res. HTM Dog of The Year 2009 and won individual Nordic Silver in 2009.

Helle Larssen with Border Collie DKHMCH Littlethorn Avensis.
Doggie placed 3rd in the Danish KC HTM Dog Of The Year competition 2009. This will be the first time she is on the Danish team for an international event.

Invited as reserve:
Annette Klink Dalgaard with Border Collie DKHMCH DKRCH DKCH Kløverbakken's Jack Sparrow
Neo was on the Danish Freestyle team for the Nordic Championship 2009, but this time he was been chosen as reserve for the HTM team. He is in advanced class in both sections.

In freestyle....

Emmy Marie Simonsen with Sheltie DKFSCH The Charmed Ones' Biscuit in Blue.
Biscuit was Freestyle Dog Of The Year 2009 in the Danish Kennel Club. He was best Danish dog at the Nordic Freestyle Championship 2009 - he won individual Bronze.

Johanna Allanach with Border Collie DKFSCH DKRCH Kojima E-Physical Graffiti.
Soda was Res. Freestyle Dog Of The Year 2009 in the Danish KC and placed individual 4th at the Nordic Championship.

Jette Haastrup with Dachshund DKFSCH Precenta's Addi.
Addi placed individual 5th at the Nordic Freestyle Championship 2009. She is competing in advanced class in both HTM and Freestyle.

Invited as reserve:
Sofie E. Hjorth with Border Collie DKFSCH Fæhunden's Quinzy Lad
Quinzy was reserve on the Danish Freestyle Team at the Nordic Championships 2009. He is competing in Advanced Freestyle.

Congratulations on making it to the Team!
We wish you all the best of luck in Herning!


  1. Hjertelig til lykke til alle! nu kan vi bare glæde os til VM. Jeg har reserveret en plads i campingområdet, så mig slipper I ikke for :-)