Greetings from Team GB

Just 8 days before HTM Team GB leave for the competition in Denmark.

Preparations are going really well - the team members live quite some distance away from each other (except Carole and Michelle Dodson) so practice is not being carried out on a team basis.The Team Members are all very involved with the sport of HTM and Freestyle and are already competing hard as there is a big competition in Great Britain once or twice a month at the moment with around 200 entries per competition. Because of this, the Team's dogs are in constant training which is good as this means they do not need to intensify training for the World Championships.

Kath Hardman and Amber have competed at 3 competitions in the past 8 days so their training and practicing is continuing gradually with lots of play and reward and lots of "time out" too. They have been making sure over the past two months that their training is kept very motivated.

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