Greetings from another Danish HTM Team Member

The first FCI HTM and Freestyle World Championships will open in 15 days!

WOW I am looking forward to it – I can’t believe that my wonderful Border Collie Queeny and I are going too take part in such an important event!

I have been looking forward to this since February, when we were asked to represent Denmark on the HTM team. Queeny is sleeping next to me on the sofa whilst I am writing this. She looks so relaxed – if only she knew what wonderful experience we have ahead of us :o).

Queeny and I have been training positions and links. I have tried to improve my own performance and to prepare mentally. We have both tried to get in better shape. I have had many thoughts regarding this Championship – it is just so very exciting.

This World Championship has been on my mind every day since February. It has been great to have a goal to train towards and now it is finally almost time… Yipeeee! One day I wish the Championship was tomorrow and the next day I have butterflies in my stomach and wish I had more time… at the moment I am excited and can’t wait!

I am looking forward to the opening ceremony. To be in that ring with the rest of the Danish team will be an incredible experience. I am so proud to be chosen to represent Denmark in HTM and we will do our very best. But I will feel like a winner no matter what happens on the day, just because I got to be there and experience the whole event with my beautiful dog, the Danish team and all you talented HTM and Freestyle handlers.

I am looking forward to see all your routines and I hope we will have an unforgettable weekend with each other and our dogs.

See you very soon.Have a safe journey.

Anja and Queeny,
Team Denmark

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