Greetings from France

This first World Championship is becoming more and more real now as the 25th of June is coming closer… and still so much to do and to think about before actually getting there…

Dog dancing or « Obéissance Rythmée » as we call it here in France, is still a young canine sport here, so taking part at one of the biggest events in this sport after just a few years of practising is like a dream come true.

Of course - like anyone else - I have worked on my choreography for weeks in the hope that everyone will enjoy it, but I have in mind, that everything could go on wrong….

But no matter what, just being there, having fun, enjoying all the routines, sharing good and bad moments with all the other competitors is the most important thing for me. Experiencing and learning as much as possible from this event is my wish.

Let us show that we have the greatest relationship with our dogs. Without them none of this would be possible. Enjoy the time we spend with them.

I wish all the teams good luck, each of your dogs will always be the best even if he’s not in first place. We are all winners taking part at this first world championship.

Have a safe journey and see you soon in Herning.

Médauer Corinne & Vulcain
The French Team

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