Greetings from France

This first World Championship is becoming more and more real now as the 25th of June is coming closer… and still so much to do and to think about before actually getting there…

Dog dancing or « Obéissance Rythmée » as we call it here in France, is still a young canine sport here, so taking part at one of the biggest events in this sport after just a few years of practising is like a dream come true.

Of course - like anyone else - I have worked on my choreography for weeks in the hope that everyone will enjoy it, but I have in mind, that everything could go on wrong….

But no matter what, just being there, having fun, enjoying all the routines, sharing good and bad moments with all the other competitors is the most important thing for me. Experiencing and learning as much as possible from this event is my wish.

Let us show that we have the greatest relationship with our dogs. Without them none of this would be possible. Enjoy the time we spend with them.

I wish all the teams good luck, each of your dogs will always be the best even if he’s not in first place. We are all winners taking part at this first world championship.

Have a safe journey and see you soon in Herning.

Médauer Corinne & Vulcain
The French Team

Will There Be a World Championship in France in 2011?

France is the host of World Dog Show 2011 and we are hoping that they will do theirs to make the FCI HTM and Freestyle Championship an annual event.

Maybe their European Team and Individual Challenge in October 2010 could be their 'dress rehersal' for a World Championship in Paris next year?

Entry form for the European Challange here!

Danish Supporters... Time To Start Practicing!

This video was made by enthusiastic supporters berfore the Nordic Championship in November 2009. I think we need to start practicing again! This dance is more complicated than any HTM or Freestyle routine - good thing the World Championship Speaker is also a dance instructor! ;o)

Thanks Inge-Dorte for your cheer-dance and your support!


The Danish Team Uniforms

Yipeeee, the Danish Team Uniforms are ready and Helle and Emmy from Team Denmark went to collect them today.

Helle and Biscuit
Helle is wearing her t-shirt with the Team Logo and Biscuit is wearing his Team jacket.

The front of Emmy's t-shirt with her and Whisper's names.

And the back of the t-shirts

Close-up of the back

The back of Helle's waistcoat

The waistcoats have dog and handler names on the back - or in Emmy's case just dogs names as she has qualified 2 dogs.

The Danish dogs have their own jackets made to look like Danish flags.

And of course the dogs have their names on their jackets too.

Thank you Marianne Qwist, for all your work on our Team Uniforms!


It Is Not All About Results and Titles...

It is funny... When you prepare for an important competition like a World Championship, it seems so important that your performance goes well. It is all you think of... You practice, change lille things in your choreography to make your routine just perfect, you wake up at night and worry about any little thing that could possible go wrong and your mood is very much determined by how your training has been. When you think of the competition, you automatically worry about your routine too.

But after the competition, when you think back, it doesn't seem to matter so much how you did. It is all the other things you remember - hearing your national anthem at the Opening Ceremony, knowing you were there to represent your country, the fun you had with your team mates in the hotel halls, cheering for your team mates when they performed, going out for dinner after long but fun days in the hall, meeting dog dancers from other countries, the atmosphere around the ring and back-stage, meeting old friends and making new friends too, travelling with your dog and loosing your costume or prop shortly before the big dance in front of the judges!

Whether you placed first or last, the memory of a big international championship is so much more, than what you did in the ring! - At least that is how it usually is for me...

So enjoy this video with some of our happy Nordic Championship memories, whilst we are counting the days until we can start creating World Championship memories... See you at the Opening Ceremony in 4 weeks!

Emmy M. Simonsen, Team Denmark


Question Regarding the HTM Rules

What do you mean in the rules with the phrase "The dog must not move in 2 tracks during heelwork, sideways movement is the exception to this rule"?

The rule refers to the dog’s feet only, not the handler.
Whenever the dog is moving forwards or backwards, if the dog is in a straight position, it will make just one track. This applies to all of the 10 positions allowed in heelwork.
If the dog is moving sideways (laterally) to the left or to the right its body should still be straight but there will be 2 tracks – one made by the front feet moving sideways and the second track being made by the back feet moving sideways. Again this can happen in any of the 10 heelwork positions.

This answer has been confirmed by the head judge.

See You Soon!

See you all for Music Check In, practice in the ring, briefing and dinner in exactly 4 weeks!!!!! :o)
Gosh, the competition may not start until the 25th, but the 24th will still be a very busy day!
We are looking so much forward to seeing you all in Denmark!


Bringing Dogs into Denmark

During 24 - 27 June 2010 the World Dog Show will take place in MCH Messecenter Herning.
Owners of participating dogs that enter Denmark from other countries should be aware of the requirements, which can be found here!

Music Please!

Dear World Championship Handler,

It will help us enormously, if you can please let us know which music you will be dancing to at the World Championship.

Please send
· Title of music
· Composer
· Artist
- in a mail to emmy@hazyland.dk as soon as possible.

Thank you and see you very soon.

Photo: Allan Brown, World Championhip Photographer

WCFO 2009 World Video Competition

The results from the first 2009 WCFO World Video Event have just been published on some of the international e-mail groups and we are pleased to see, that 2 of the FCI World Championship dogs and handlers have placed well in their classes.
The competition had entries from Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Holland, South Africa and the United States.
Judges were Linda Blanchard-USA, Nancy Royse-USA, Margaret Rutter-South Africa, Gloria Voss-USA and Minna Yrjana-Germany.

Musical Freestyle Novice
2nd place Grietje Wagenaar from Burgum, Holland with her Border Collie Floris performing to Dancing Fool by Barry Manilow. 9.00 8.98

Pro Stars Musical Freestyle
1st place Alena Smolikova from Jarmer, the Czech Republic with her Border Collie Keysi performing to Riding Alone by Rednex. 9.82 9.86

4th place Grietje Wagenaar from Burgum, Holland with her Border Collie Floris performing to Dancing Fool by Barry Manilow. 9.28 9.40

The overall winner in the Non titling divisions
Alena Smolikova, Jarmer, Czech Republic and Border Collie Keysi 9.82 9.86

Congratulations Alena and Grietje!

Photo: Allan Brown, World Championship Photographer


Questions regarding HTM

Is jumping allowed in HTM?

Is it considered heelwork, if the dog is between the handler's legs with the front paws on the handler's feet.
No, that would be a freestyle move.

How far can the dog be from the handler in HTM without being disqualified and how is it measured?
You will probably not be disqualified for working with the dog further than two metres from the handler in a HTM routine, but you will loose points.
It is not measured – it is the judges' decision when they estimate that the dog is too far from the handler.
These answers have been confirmed by the head judge.


New Updated Catalogue

There is a new updated version of the catalogue to download. Click here!

Our Helpers

Show Manager Helle Ferrold giving the last instructions to the helpers before the Nordic Championship in November 2009.
From left: Score keeper Sonja Ordell, Webmaster Randi Gregersen, DJ Peter Hjorth, Speaker Inge Dorte Graakjær and Show Manager Helle Ferrold.

The World Championship is a big event that takes a lot of planning and organization. It could not be run without good, dedicated helpers, who are willing to take 3 or 4 days out of their calendars, travel to Herning and work all day long to make sure the rest of us can enjoy the competition.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank them in advance:

Show Manager: Helle Ferrold
Helle's Assistants: Iben M. K. Pedersen
DJ: Peter Hjorth
Score keepers: Anni Pedersen and Henriette Ortmann
Judges' Secretary: Sonja Ordell and Helle W. Andersen
Speaker: Inge-Dorte Graakjær
Ring Steward: Renate Gregersen
Webmasters: Erika Johansson and Marianne or Bent Blom Larsen

We are lucky that many of the helpers are the same as at the Nordic Championship in November 2009. It means that they have experience and know what it means to be responsible for whatever their job is at a big international competition. I am sure they will all do their absolute best to make the championships run smoothly!

Thank you so much for coming to Herning and help us make the World Championships a memorable experience for all the participants. We are very grateful!

Photo: Helle Larssen


Practice Time Adjustments

There have been made a few adjustments in the practice time schedule. The times are now as follows:


Practice in the Ring on Thursday afternoon

A timetable has been prepared for Thursday afternoon, allocating practice times to each team/handler entered into the World Championships.

Please make sure you are ready when it is your time to practice and show your fellow competitors respect by leaving the ring, when your time is over.

The Show Manager’s instructions must be followed at all times.

Please check in your music before or after your practice time.

Team Briefing at 18.00!
Each team/independent competitor should be represented by at least one member!

World Championship Dinner at 19.00!


World Dog Show 2010

Total number of dogs entered the World Dog Show: 19354!!!


A Good Day Out For The Danish Team

The Danish Team had a good day out today performing on the main stage in the amusement park Bakken north of Copenhagen.

Ascension Day is a holiday in Denmark and Bakken has made it tradition to invite a group of Dog Dancers to entertain for an hour every year on this day. It is a part of their annunal 'Dogs Day at Bakken'. This year it was Team Denmark and a few other good dogs that were invited.

The main stage

Johanna Allanach from Team Denmark and Pierrot introduced the performing teams.

They both enjoyed to watch the dancing dogs

Jette and the Dachshund Addi performing to 'Zorro'

Flying Dachshund!

Anja and Queeny from the HTM Team performing to 'Lord Of The Rings'

Very dramatic!

And Braveheart performed by Sofie and Quincy

Quincy in a beautiful 'High'

Helle and Doggie performing their HTM routine to 'Shine' from the musical Billy Elliot

Ballet dancers

A high jumping sheltie
Emmy and Biscuit from the Freestyle team performing to 'Its a Hard Knock Life'

"I said get to work!"

And finally the HTM reserve Annette with Neo performing their popular freestyle routine to 'Eye of The Tiger'.

Annette and Neo in a boxing match

There was a big audience

Everyone seemed to enjoy the performances

Biscuit meeting and greeting his audience after the performance

Thank you to Team Denmark for a good day out and some well performed, entertaning routines!

Photos: Helle Larssen and Emmy M. Simonsen


Question regarding the Individual Final

Quote from the invitation to the World Championships:
"Individual HTM Final and Individual Freestyle Final.The ten teams that have acquired the highest score in each of the disciplines qualify for the Individual Finals (10 Heelwork to Music and 10 Freestyle)."

Shouldn't it read "the ten COMPETITORS that have acquired...", when "team" is the term being used for "all competitors of a country"?

'Team' is in this context meant as in 'dog and handler team'. The rules including our thoughts regarding the individual finals were written already back in 2007 and sent to the FCI for approval. The wording used back then is the same as we are using today to make sure we are not changing what the FCI has approved.

We have later used the term 'team' for the national teams and 'competitor' or 'participant' for the dog and handler teams.

We do hope the invitation is still understandable.

You are right - the individual final in each section is for the 10 best individual dog and handler teams/competitors.

Question regarding the DVDs

Will it be possible to buy the DVD even if you don't take part yourself?

Yes! Anyone can order the DVDs from http://www.abertil.dk/ or by contacting Stig Rex Andersen on sa@abertil.dk


Dinner on Thursday Evening

Dinner at the Nordic Championships in Denmark 2009

We are glad to announce that there will be a dinner on Thursday evening for all participants and others that are associated with the teams.

It will be held in the restaurant in Hall F (see map below - the World Championships are held in Hall J3, which is marked with yellow) at 7 pm just after the team's practise time and briefing.

There will be served a Salmon Entree (3 different kinds of salmon) with summer-salad and bread on the side followed by a buffet with fillet of beef, chicken, seasonal pasta, 2 different kinds of potatoes, onion soufflé, roasted mushrooms, bread and butter. And for dessert a Frence chocolate cake with orange and softice.

Price: 175 Danish Kroner or 25 Euros per person.

The dinner must be paid in advance to the Danish Kennel Club.

Bank details:
Bank: Jyske Bank Køge, Fændediget 1 A, DK 4600 Køge.
Account number: 5035 0001361253
IBAN number: DK 45 50350001361253

Drinks are not included. They are bought and paid for in the restaurant.

Drinks, prices:
Beer: 30 Danish Kroner
Soft drinks: 22 Danish Kroner
A bottle of wine (red or white): 182 Danish Kroner
Coffee/tea: 17 Danish Kroner.

If you wish to attend the dinner, please send an e-mail with your name, which country you are representing and how many people you are entering to Hanne Madsen at the Danish Kennel Club on the address: hama@dansk-kennel-klub.dk

Please transfer 175 Danish Kroner or 25 Euros per person to the Kennel Club account immediately after your entries are sent.

We do hope you will join us for this dinner, to make it a festive start to the World Championship. It will be a nice opportunity to get to know each other and talk about our dogs and the wonderful sport that we all love. Participants' travel companions, team managers and other friends of the teams are welcome too!

Dinner at the Nordic Championships in Sweden 2008

The dinner will be held in the restaurant in Hall F just a few halls away from Hall J3


The Austrian Kennel Club has had problems getting their World Championship entry through to the Danish Kennel Club, but they managed and we are pleased to announce that we have accepted an entry from Birgit Gragober with Border Collie Australis Arkansas Dream. They will be representing Austria in both HTM and Freestyle.

We wish Birgit and Levin the best of luck in Denmark! We are looking forward to see you!

The new updated catalogue with the Austrian entries can be downloaded here!

Photo borrowed from the Dogs For Life website


Download Catalogue and Information Sheet

The World Championship Catalogue is now available online - click here to download it!

You can also download a Speaker Information Sheet that we will ask you to fill in and hand in along with your CDs at music check-in. Please help us make the time between routines as entertaining and educational for the spectators as possible by filling it in carefully with plenty of interesting and amusing information.

We Are Proud To Introduce...

The Danish Teams!

Representing Denmark in Freestyle:

Emmy Marie Simonsen
Shetland Sheepdog
DKFSCH The Charmed Ones' Biscuit in Blue

Biscuit is 5 years old and my first sheltie. He is a small dog, but has the biggest ego in the world! He has been performing in Freestyle since he was very young and is doing well. His best results so far are a 4th at Crufts, individual Bronze at the Nordic Championship and Freestyle Dog Of The Year 2009 in Denmark.

To enter the ring with Biscuit is always an interesting experience. To quote Forest Gump: "Life (or to perform with Biscuit) is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are gonna get"

Wishing all the best of luck at the World Championships - I am so looking forward to meet you all and see your performances!

Jette Haastrup
DKFSCH Precenta´s Addi

I´m looking forward to represent Denmark with my 5 years old female dachshund of my own breeding. She is the result of a mix of two very good families with excellent hunting dogs, but loves to show her dachshund temper in agility and HTM/Freestyle.

It is a very special experience to represent my country in this World Competition on Danish ground and I am honoured to have been chosen for the Danish team.

I am looking forward to meet all of you in Herning, Denmark.

Johanna Allanach
Border Collie
DKFSCH DKRCH Kojima E-Physical Graffiti

Sofie Eggert Hjorth
Border Collie
DKFSCH Fæhunden's Quincy Lad

Quincy is a 3 year old border collie. He is the most fantastic dog I could ever imagine. Besides beeing a fantastic pet dog, he is also a brilliant working sheepdog, super in obedience and most importently a super freestyle partner!

He is competing in the advance class and finished his Danish Freestyle Champion title last year. Quincy is also competing in the Heelwork To Music, but his handler's passion lays in Freestyle.

Quincy and I are looking forward to see the worlds best teams compeeding i Herning this summer! See you there....

Representing Denmark in HTM:

Emmy Marie Simonsen
Border Collie

Whisper is a once in a lifetime dog, my best friend and my soulmate. Words cannot describe how much I love him!

He is an old man by now. He had his 10th birthday in January this year and has recovered from being seriously ill and paralyzed in his hind part in January 2009. I am so proud of him for still being able to perform and compete on this level. Every dance with Whisper is a gift and to get to dance on the World Championship dance floor will be a treasured experience for us.

Whisper was the first Danish dog to gain the titles Danish HTM Champion and Danish Freestyle Champion and he has been most winning Danish Dancing Dog since the sport became official in Denmark. He was Freestyle and HTM Dog Of The Year in 2008 and HTM Dog Of The Year 2009 - after he retired from Freestyle. He also won the first Nordic HTM Championship in November 2009.

Helle Larssen
Border Collie
DKHMCH Littlethorn Avensis

Doggie is a 3 year old Border Collie. She was imported from England to Denmark when she was a baby and is now performing in HTM and Freestyle. She is a super little working dog and always keen and excited to work. She gained her Danish HTM Champion title last year and this will be the first time on the Danish team for an international championship, so we are very excited about it.

Doggie is a niece to one of our team mates Emmy's Whisper. Doggies mum and Emmy's Whisper have the same father.

Good luck to everyone dancing at the World Championships!
See you soon!

Anja Christiansen
Border Collie
DKHMCH Fæhunden's Queeny Las

Queeny is my first border collie and she is an absolutly amazing dog. She gives me so much joy every day and she is my very best friend.

Queeny is a young dog - nearly 3 years old, and she has been training HTM and Freestyle since she was 8 weeks. She is currently competing in the advance HTM class in Denmark, and we had the pleasure to be part of the Nordic Championships i november 2009. It was a fantastic and an unforgetable experience.

I am so proud of being a part of the Danish HTM team and I am really looking forward to be a part of the first FCI World Championship.

I am really looking forward to see you all in June - Good Luck everyone!!!

Annette Klink Dalgaard
Border Collie
DKHMCH Kløverbakken's Jack Sparrow