Greetings from Belgium

When I received my letter that announced that I was chosen to participate to the WC thanks to my sweet angel Eby, I was incredibly happy! I’m very proud of her. I’m glad that this WC gives me the opportunity to meet other Canine Freestylers and to see their beautiful performances live. We’re very much looking forward to this!!! It’s a big step for us because it’s the first time that we make such a long journey.

It’s getting closer now, and I feel the nerves coming up. But I’m sure that we’re going to enjoy this whole new experience. This way, I would like to thank my coach Elisa. She’s taught me every step and thanks to her we’ll be able to enjoy these nice days. Of course we’ve worked more on our choreography to improve the routine. We hope we can show the routine on the WC the way it goes during training. I hope that everyone can enjoy my cheerful girl Eby. She makes me very happy.

We are a very happy team and we wish everyone a lot of good luck and fun during these beautiful days!!!

Best wishes
Linda & Eby,

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  1. Hi Linda and Eby,

    We cross our fingers for you and wish you and Eby a great performance! I'm sure you will rock and do great!!!

    Doggy Greetings,