Greetings from Holland

I am very excited and Yep I have to admit I am nervous too!

So many thoughts about our routine are going through my mind. Did I choose the right moves for the right places in the choreography? Are the links too hard or confusing for Floris? Is the length of my music too long? I have never before done a routine of 3.40 minutes. Do I have enough breath for this routine?

Nerves are killing me and also lack of breath when practicing our routine during an event :o) so yeah I have started to work on my own condition too!

I took the challenge of not using a prop in my routine. Now I doubt if I made the right choice.

It makes it even worse that I still have time to make changes. I wish I could leave for Denmark right now, so I could set all those questions and feelings to one side, simply because we ran out of time. So in fact, starting the trip to Denmark will give me rest, and I can start enjoying this wonderfull event. Until then I just need to survive :o).

Can't wait to see and meet all the other participants, looking forward to it very much.

Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Danish HTM Committee, for all their hard work organizing this event, it is really appreciated and makes it even more exciting and special to be part of this first World Championship, so hats off to you.

For all other participants who do have same kind of Pre Competition stress; we will survive and have a wonderful time with each other - no doubt about it :o)

Grietje Wagenaar,
Team Holland

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  1. We are all cheering for you Grietje and Floris.
    Though at home we are sending "good vibes" and lots of {{hugs}}

    Dogs: Rosco,Arpad, Sjors,(Sibbel) Kyra,Yfke(Tess)& Rico.
    People:Leen, Ellie,Sjoukje Minke ,Gery en Erwin.

    Go for it.!!