FS Linda de Smet - Belgium - Border Collie - Eby of Sun Loch Valley

Saturdays competition was kick-started with a very inventive program by Linda and her dog. They performed to music from Cirque du Soleil "Alegria". The program had an arabian nights theme complete with basket and snake charming and all. In the begining the handler was inside the basket while the dog performed a number of tricks around and on the basket - really cool and really difficult! This was followed by e.g. the handler doing a roll and the dog then rolling over the handler and the dog doing vaults...

Way to go Belgium!

Points: 26,37



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  2. Linda proficiat met de 7de plaats op de kwalificaties.
    Nu er vollen bak voor gaan in de finale veel sterkte
    You can do it you are the greatest

    Lotte & Cerex, Diane & Flame & Lucien