Greetings from a Score Keeper

My name is Anni Pedersen and I will be one of the score-keepers at the World Championships. I am looking forward to experience a World Championship and see all the great dog and handler teams perform.

I saw Dog Dancing for the first time about 10 years ago. It was a demonstration round at an agility competition and I remember thinking that it looked like great fun and something I would like to do with my dogs, but at that time it was not possible in Denmark.

I have always taught my dogs to do little tricks and moves – I have 3 shelties, 2 Border Collies and a labrador/collie cross – and that was a good base to found the HTM/Freestyle training on.

I entered my first competition in 2004 in Germany and competed at the first Danish competition in 2006 too. That was with my sheltie Marquis, who unfortuantely had to be put to sleep in February 2010 due to cancer – he was only 10 years old. Marquis and I had many wonderful competitions and training sessions together.

My two Border Collies have been dancing too, but they are now retired at the age of 12 and 14 years.

My young sheltie Duchesse is now 6 mth old. She is learning tricks, moves and obedience. Hopefully we will be able to start HTM/Freestyle next year.

I am looking forward to see you all in Herning.

Best wishes
Anni Pedersen

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