Greetings From A Dutch Sheltie

"When I read Emmy's Blog 'It's not all about results and titles' I coudn't agree more and when she asked me to write a little something about how I felt about it all of course the answer was yes, eventhough I don't have much to add ;o).

For me it is such an honour to be able to represent Holland in both Freestyle and HTM at the World Championships, having only been doing Dog Dance for a little under 3 years. I think I'm not the only one when I say I'm a little insecure about my routines during training at times, especially about my Freestyle routine. The music we're using definately does not appeal to everyone, being classical and very dramatic, and when things go wrong during practise (like my crazy little Sheltie improvising throughout the routine or jumping up and barking at me from exitement...) this doesn't really help with my nerves ;o).

I must say that it would be nice if Jamies routines went well, and we're training a lot to make that happen, but getting high scores isn't everything. For me it is all about having a good time in AND around the ring. Therefore I'm looking forward to everything around the competition as well! Meeting the other competitors and their dogs, seeing them perform live, camping in a small tent with my mum who's coming along and our three dogs (I hope we're all going to fit in...), going out for dinner with everyone, being part of the opening ceremony... in short: to enjoy the full WC experience!

So no matter what happens, I'm gonna go home with the wonderful experience of having been there and even if we end up being last, I'm taking the most beautiful and precious little dog back home with me and so are all of you!

I want to thank the organisors for all of their hard work and keeping us posted through this blog. I hope to see you all in 3 weeks! Until then!

Best wishes,
Esther Niemeijer,
Team Holland

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